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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Saravali Part 1

Classic Astrology Books Series: Saravali

Description of Chapters 1-55

1. 1. Birth of Hora Shastra

Author’s prayer and introduction

2. Meaning of Hora

3. Rasi Description

Description of the 12 Rasis, limbs of Kalapurusha and their use, synonyms of Rasis and Houses, zodiacal halves, their Lords and effects. Rasis and Navamsa rulers, importance of sub-divisions, Vargotamamsa, Lords of decanates, Horas, Trimsamsas and Sapthamsas, different Vargas, benefic and malefic Rasi, Gandantha, directions of Rasi, Dig Bala and Kala Bala, day and night Signs, Sirodya & Prasihtodya Signs, strength of Rasi, synonyms of Bhavas, additional synonyms, Kendra, Apoklima and Panaphara, Upachaya and Anupachaya, exaltation and fall, long, medium and short ascensions of Signs, favourable Rasi for journey and colors of Rasis

4. Planetary Characters

Kalapurusha soul etc., limbs from decanates, planetary portfolios, directions and nature, synonyms of planets, planetary colour, deities, sex, caste, elements, robes, substances, periods and Ritus, Lords of Vedas and Worlds, description and nature of the planets from the Sun to Saturn, planetary friendship permanent and temporary, five kinds of consideration of these, planetary aspects and strengths, directional and positional strengths, temporal and motional strengths, Ayana, Drekkana, Tribhagya and Naisargika Balas

5. Miscellaneous Matters

States of planets, effects of various states, retrogression in exaltation, good results in mid-life, Swakshetra, Mooltrikona etc., effects thereof, inauspicious planets, exalted, retrograde, auspicious planets, Nathonnatha Bala, Lords of year etc., Paksha Bala, planets with all kinds of strengths, benefics and malefics with such strengths, planetary stages and planets in odd, or even Signs

6. (Yoga) Karakas

Planetary co-workers and effects thereof

7. Planetary Indications

Lord of weekday etc., Bhava effects, planetary rulerships, or Karakatwas and planetary places

8. Copulation (Conception)

Menstruation, occurrence of pregnancy, disposition of foetus, birth of twins, male, hermaphrodite, one male child and one female child, triplets etc., parents, process of growth of embryo, miscarriage, comfortable carrying, adversities to the pregnant woman, progress of progeny, time of delivery, natal Moon, belated progeny, eye defects, dumbness, dull-witted, teethed at birth, peculiar birth, short stature, lame by birth and birth sans legs, hands and head

9. Conditions at Birth

Kinds of delivery, place of delivery home, position of cot, delivery on ground, number of attendants, position of light, birth out of fathers sight, birth out of wedlock, evils to mother, resemblance, rounded by coil, features, characteristics and nature, death of parents and happiness to parents

10. Evils at Birth

Need to assess longevity, strength of male/female planets, kinds of evils, longevity curtailed to minimum, Yogas adverse for eyes and ears, death in few days, effects of time causing a disease, malefics and decanates, death, exceedingly long life, elapsed longevity, timing infant death, death in childhood, death in 3rd year, fateful degrees of the Moon etc.

11. Evils and the Moon

Combinations to counteract lunar evils

12. Evils Canceled at Birth

Evils relating to longevity nullified

13. Lunar Yogas

Sunapha, Anapha, Durudhura, Kemadruma, different permutations, other kinds of Sunapha etc., results of Sunapha, Anapha, Durudhura by Mars etc., lunar Yogas from the Sun, Moon in invisible and visible halves and Dhana Yogas

14. Yogas from the Sun

Vasi, Vesi and Ubhayachari, effects of Vasi and Vesi by different planets and effects of Ubhayachari

15. Conjunction of Two Planets

16. Conjunction of Three Planets

17. Conjunction of Four Planets

18. Conjunction of Five Planets

19. Conjunction of Six Planets

20. Combinations for Renunciation

21. Nabhasa Yogas

32 Kinds of Nabhasa Yogas
rules for their formation and effects thereof

22. Effects of the Sun

The Sun in 12 Rasis and special effects, when in aspects to other planets

23. Effects of the Moon in Various Rasis

The Moon in the 12 Rasis and special effects, when in aspects to others

24. Effects of the Moon in Various Navamsas

The Moon in various Navamsas and in aspect to other planets

25. Effects of Mars in Various Rasis

Mars in 12 Signs and special effects in case of aspects from others

26. Effects of Mercury in Various Rasis

Mercury in 12 Rasis and special effects in case of aspects to other planets

27. Effects of Jupiter in Various Signs

Effects for Jupiters position in different Signs and aspects from other planets

28. Effects of Venus in Various Signs

Effects for Venus positions in different Signs and aspects from others

29. Effects of Saturn in Various Signs

Effects for Saturn’s position in different Signs and aspects from others

30. Effects of Planets in Bhavas

Sun to Saturn in the 12 Houses and individual results

31. Two Planets in Angles

Effects of all possible 2-planet conjunctions in the Ascendant, 4th, 7th and 10th

32. Ninth House and Effects thereof

The 9th House, Jupiter in the 9th and aspects thereto by individual planets/two planets, affliction to the 9th, the Sun and others in the 9th with others, 3 planets in the 9th, 4 planets in the 9th, special effects

33. Tenth House and Effects thereof

The 10th House, individual planets in the 10th from the Moon, two planets in the 10th from the Moon, three planets in the 10th from the Moon, four planets in the 10th from the Moon, malefics in the 10th from the Moon, livelihood, Signs and profession, planets in the 10th and source of gain

34. Different Houses and Worldly Affairs

Several planets aspecting the Ascendant, general aspects to the Ascendant, un-aspected Ascendant, planetary conjunctions in the Ascendant, Adhi Yoga from the Ascendant, principles related to the 2nd House, 3rd House, 5th House, number of children, various kinds of progeny, as per Hindu Dharma Shastras, sons and daughters, childlessness, loss of children, 6th House, 7th House, 11th House, 12th House, miscellaneous matters

35. Raja Yogas

36. Planetary Rays

Computation of rays of planets contributed at birth and effects of total number of rays

37. Pancha Maha Purusha Yogas

Malavya, Ruchaka, Sasa, Hamsa and Bhadra Yoga formation and effects

38. Effects of Natural Constituents and Primordial Compounds

Satva, Rajo and Tamo Gunas, Akasa, Jala, Vayu, Agni and Prithwi Tatwas, births in such Tatwas, Windy, Bilious and Phlegmatic temperaments, Luminaries in Pancha Maha Purusha Yogas

39. Obstruction to Raja Yogas

40. Calculation of Longevity

Selection of system for longevity, Amsayurdaya calculations, additions for Ascendants contribution, rectification for planetary contributions, reductions for Amsayurdaya calculations, Vyayadi Harana, Pindayu, Ascendants contribution in Pindayu, reduction for Rising planets, Naisargikayurdaya, full span of life, unlimited longevity, span of full life for various animals

41. Moola Dasa

Order of the scheme, Satyas view, auspicious periods, inauspicious periods, effects of the Moon, aspects to the Moon at the commencement of a Dasha, major Lords placement at the commencement of a Dasha, special effects based on Navamsa , Lagna Dasha, Naisargika Dasha, effects of adverse and favourable planets Dasha, different kinds of Dashas of the Luminaries based on their dispositions, other placements of planets

42. Effects of Sub-Periods

Distribution of sub-periods to planets in Moola Dasa, Dasa-Bhuktis thereof, special considerations

43. Evil Effects of Dasa

44. Antidotes for Evil Dashas

45. Effects of Planetary Dignities

Effects of exalted planets, planets in Mooltrikona, own Signs, friendly Signs, debilitation Signs, inimical Signs, effects in Navamsa, more planets in exaltation, in Mooltrikona, in own Signs, friendly Signs, inimical Signs and debilitation

46. Female Horoscopy

Important Houses, the Moon and the Ascendant, Trimsamsas positions, Moon/Ascendant in various Trimsamsas of various Signs, beastly lust of a female, unchaste, mother and daughter to be unchaste, miscellaneous, rulers of the 7th Sign and 7th Navamsa, planets in the Ascendant, 8th House, female with masculine disposition, religious order, Vedic exponent, application of rules

47. Aphorisms of Death

Reasons of death, death by drowning/fall, fire, hanging, due to a female, tridents hit, hit by wood, by a club, due to royal wrath, due to insects, intoxicants and machinery, in filthy surroundings, by thirst, weapons and birds, 22nd decanate, 22nd decanate related to the 36 decanates of the Zodiac and reasons of death there from.

48. Lost Horoscopy

Effects of births in the 12 different Ascendants in the context of lost horoscopy

49. Effects of Horas

24 halves of the 12 Signs and effects thereof in the context of lost horoscopy

50. Effects of Decanates

36 decanates of the Zodiac and effects thereof in the context of lost horoscopy

51. Effects of Navamsas

108 Navamsas of the Zodiac and effects thereof in the context of lost horoscopy

52. Lost Horoscopy

The natal Ayana, other natal factors, position of the queerest, personal name, another method, lost horoscopy based on the Moon at query

53. Ashtakvarga

Planetary Bhinnashtakavargas, method of preparation of A.V. charts

54. Effects of Ashtakavargas

Effects of the A.V. of planets from the Sun to Saturn

55. Manifold Births

Thursday, January 13, 2005

~Nakshatra Chintamani~ Part 5~

Nakshatra Chinatamani By Shri Chandrakant Bhatt.


The affairs or matter signified by any house are judged from signifactors of that house. So the occupant, the owner, a planet in the star of the occupant and a planet in the star of the owner of that house become the signifactors of that house. Hence note Signifactors.

Example birth horoscope no.1

The signifactors of each house are shown in the accompanying tables A, B and C.

Table A

Planet Occupant of the House Owner of the house Star Lord Occupant of the House Owner of the house
Sun 6 8 Jupiter 10 3,12
Moon 2 7 Mercury 7 6,9
Mars 7 4,11 Ketu 8 6,9
Mercury 7 6,9 Saturn 4 1,2
Jupiter 10 3,12 Saturn 4 1,2
Venus 6 5,10 Jupiter 10 3,12
Saturn 4 1,2 Sun 6 8
Rahu 2/3 3,12 Mercury 7 6,9
Ketu 8/9 6,9 Mars 7 4,11

Explanation: Sun is the occupant of 6. The owner of 8; Sun is in the Star Jupiter the occupant of 10 and owner of 3 and 12. So sun is the signifactor of the houses 6, 8; 10,3 and 12; it signifies the matter of these houses and so on with other planets.

Table B

House Signifactor Planets
1 Me, Ju, Sat
2 Moon, Mer, Jup, Sat, Rahu
3 Sun, Jup, Ven, Ra
4 Ma, Mer, Jup, Sat, Ketu
5 Ven
6 Sun, Moon, Ma, Ven, Rahu, ketu
7 Moon, Mar, Mer, Ra, Ke
8 Sun, Ma, Sa, Ketu
9 Moon, Ma, Me, Ra, Ke
10 Sun, Ju, Ve
11 Ma, Ke
12 Sun, Jup, Ve, Ra

Table C

Planet Houses Signified
Sun 6,8,10,3,12
Moon 2,7,6,9
Mars 7,4,11,8,6,9
Mercury 7,6,9,4,1,2
Jupiter 10,3,12,4,1,2
Venus 6,5,10,3,12
Saturn 4,1,2,6,8
Rahu 2,3,12,7,6,9
Ketu 8,6,9,7,4,11


The tables B and C have been prepared from the table A.

The table B shows signifactors for each of the 12 houses. The signifactors of the house 1 are Mer, Jup, Sat. The signifactors of the house 6 are Sun, Moon, Venus, Rahu, Ketu; hence they signify the matters of that house and so for other houses.

The table C shows the houses signified by each of the 9th planets. Moon is the signifactor of the houses 2, 7, 6, 9. Saturn is the signifactor of the houses 4,1, 2, 6,8; hence it signifies the matters of these houses and so on for other planets.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

~Nakshatra Chintamani~ Part 4~

Nakshatra Chinatamani By Shri Chandrakant Bhatt

Example Birth Chart no 1
Note (Data for example Horoscope).

Date of birth 7-7 1912, Sunday;
Time of Birth 8-42 P.M. I.S.T;
Place 23N2: 72E35;
Ayanamsa 22-32

House Table

House Cuspal Sign Star Sub
Asc Cp 12 25 Moon Rahu
2 Aq 19 44 Rahu Mars
3 Pi 25 44 Mercury Rahu
4 Ar 25 44 Venus Mercury
5 Tr 21 28 Moon Venus
6 Gm 15 44 Rahu Venus
7 Cn 12 25 Saturn Mar
8 Le 19 44 Venus Rahu
9 Vg 25 44 Mar Rahu
10 Li 25 44 Jupiter Mercury
11 Sc 21 28 Mercury Venus
12 Sg 15 44 Venus Saturn

Planets Table

Planet Sign Star Sub
Moon Pisces 21 49 Mercury Saturn
Mercury Cancer 13 02 Saturn Rahu
Venus Gemini 23 00 Jupiter Saturn
Sun Gemini 22 33 Jupiter Saturn
Mar Leo 01 40 Ketu Venus
Jupiter R Scorpio 14 2R Saturn Rahu
Saturn Taurus 7 30 Sun Ketu
Rahu Pisces 24 26 Mercury Rahu
Ketu Virgo 24 36 Mar Rahu

Thursday, January 06, 2005

~Nakshatra Chintamani~ Part 3~

Nakshatra Chinatamani By Shri Chandrakant Bhatt

A classic Reserached book on Kp System of Astrology.


(a) Consider the houses 2, 6 and 11 for gain of money any manner.

(b) Consider the houses 2, 3, 6 and 11 for gain of lottery (3rd lottery and help from others).

(c) Consider the houses 2, 5, 6 and 11 for gain from speculation 2nd race (5th-inclination for speculation for speculation).
Jupiter is the chief governor of money.

Independent business:

Consider the houses 2, 7 and 10 (7th dealings with others, purchase and sale of production; it is the main house for business).


Wednesday, January 05, 2005

~Nakshatra Chintamani~ Part 2~

Nakshatra Chinatamani By Shri Chandrakant Bhatt

A classic Reserached book on Kp System of Astrology.


(a) Consider the houses 2, 7 and 11 for marriage (2nd addition to family; 7th-wife or husband, legal tie. It is the main house for marriage; 11th respectively). These houses denote absence of married life.

(b) Consider the houses 1, 6 and 10 for separation or divorce (being 12th from 2,7 and 11 respectively). These houses denote absence of married life.

Venus is the chief governor of marriage.


(a) Consider the houses 2, 5and 11 for childbirth (2nd increase in the number of the members of the family due to birth of a child; 5th first conception or pregnancy, progeny or child;11th is the 5th from the 7th). The 5th for females and 11th for males are important.

(b) Consider the houses 1, 4 and 10 for absence of children or for separation from the children ( being 12th from 2,5 and 11 respectively

Jupiter is the natural significator of childbirth. In females Moon is fertility and Mars is menstruation. In males Venus is fertility and Sun is vitality.

Foreign Travels:

(a) Consider the houses 3, 9 and 12 for foreign travels (3rd is 12th from 4th i.e. away from the permanent place; 9th long journey, foreign travel. 12th- life in an unknown place or completely unfamiliar atmosphere).

(b) Consider the houses 3,9 and 11 for returning to home country from foreign land (11th meeting ones own kith and kin,reunion of relatives)

Moon is the chief governor of journey.

Finance and Prosperity:

(a) Profession/service: Consider the houses 2,6 and 10 ( 2nd bank balance, self acquisition;6th services rendered, day to day attendance on duty and thereby earning; being 12th from the 7th denotes loss to others and gain to self, hence receiving money from others;10th profession, either in independent vocation or in service).Sun is the chief governor of profession.

(b) Consider the houses 1, 5 and 9th for change of profession or service (being 12th from 2, 6 and 10 respectively).

(c) Consider the houses 2,6,10 and 11 for promotion rise in career or fortune; or for re-instatement in service.

(d) Consider the houses 3, 10 and 12 for transfer in service with change of place (3rd-journey; being 12th from the 4th shows absence of the present residence i.e. change of place; 10th employment; 12th life in completely unfamiliar atmosphere.

(e) Consider the houses 1, 8, 9&12 for suspension from service 1st is 12th from the 2nd- absence of self earning; 8th suspension is one form of penalty; 9th is 12th from 10th-absence of status, position, power and name; 12th – loss in general).

(f) Consider the houses 1, 5, 9 and 12 for retirement from service or dismissal; or loss of status in any walk of life (5th is the 12th from 6 i.e. absence of regular attendance on duty); also consider the house 8 if the native comes under the scheme of gratuity and provident fund.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

~Nakshatra Chintamani~ Part 1~

Nakshatra Chinatamani By Shri Chandrakant Bhatt

A classic Researched book on Kp System of Astrology.

Grouping of Houses


1. Consider the houses 1, 8 and 3 for longevity.

2. [a] Maraka Houses. The 12th to any particular house denotes non-existance of the matter signified by that particular house. So the houses 12 (12th to 1), 7 (12th to 8) and 2 (12th to 3) are known as the maraka (death dealing) houses.

[b] Badhaka houses. The house11 is badhaka (harmful to life) to those born in Moveable signs as their Ascendants; the 9th for those born in Fixed signs and 7th for those born in Common signs.

3. Death. The Badhaka houses are more harmful than the Maraka houses. So for death consider first the Badhaka house and then Maraka houses. Saturn is the chief governor of longevity.


Consider the Ascendant for health.

Disease and Cure:

Consider the house 6 for sickness or disease.

For cure consider the houses 1, 5 and 11 (1st, health, 5th is 12th to 6. absence of sickness, 11th is 12th to 12. absence of bedridden sickness).


Consider the houses 8 and 12 for accident (8th-serious illness, accident, suicide; 12th self-undoing, confinement in bed or hospital).

Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu cause an accident.


(a) Consider the houses 4, 9 and 11 for education (4th is the main house for education, it denotes preparation for examinations academic qualifications, regular attendance in school or college: 9th deep study and higher education; 11th-fulfilment of desires. The 6th house shows Competitive examination (it is 12th from 7 i.e. loss to others and gain to you).

(b) Completion of education: Consider the houses 3, 5 and 8 (being 12th from 4, 6, and 9 respectively).

Mercury and Jupiter are the chief governors of education.

Building or Land:

(a) Consider the houses 4, 11, and 12 for purchase or construction of a building (4th is the main house for building, 11th gain, 12th payment to the seller of the building or investment of money).

(b) Consider the houses 3,5 and 10 for disposing of the building or selling it (3rd is 12th from the 4th i.e. losing the house; 5th is 11th from the 7th i.e. gain to purchaser ; 10th is 4th from the 7th i.e. building to the purchaser)

Mars is the natural significator of buildings and Saturn is that of land, mines and estates.

Monday, January 03, 2005

Annoucement Online Vedic Astrology Books

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